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Turnouts are made from rail along with multiple parts that are used to fasten them together.


Turnouts are made from rail and are sections of track that provide a way for trains to travel from one line of track to another. The switch point moves from one side to another and changes the direction of the train. 

Developed and manufactured under a strict management system, the production process can roughly be split into four parts: development and design, processing of rail and parts, assembly, and inspection. At A&K, we have the total capacity to meet your every turnout need. 

When ordering a turnout kit from A&K they will come organized in multiple wooden crates. Shipped on time and ready to be assembled at your site.


A&K can offer three different alternatives when it comes to your turn-out kit. The first option is a fully furnished panelized turnout shipped in two or four sections depending on turnout size. Our fleet of custom panel cars makes unloading and quick installation easy. The second option is our pre-plated turnouts that are disassembled and shipped to your job site. The third option is our packaged turnouts which consist of the switch panel that comes assembled while the rest of the turnout is disassembled. All three are great options and at A&K we can help you determine which option is best for you based on your time and resources.


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