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A&K’s quality, service, and reliability standards carry over to our track removal capabilities. With dozens of crews located across the country, our specialists can be on your job in 48 hours or less when requested. We have an extensive fleet of track removal equipment that ensures your job gets done in a timely manner, the right way. Our crew and insurance capabilities allow A&K the flexibility to tailor our strengths to fit your project’s specific requirements.

Depending on your needs, we can take on your entire project from start to finish or handle a portion of your project. A&K can get the job done, whether you have a few hundred yards or a few hundred miles of joint track or CWR. 


A&K has the railcars to get your project moving when you have the demand but not the capacity. We have a complete set of rail cars to handle all our products. Our fleet consists of gondolas for standard length rails and OTM; 89-ft flat cars for 80-ft rails; center beam flat cars for new and relay cross ties; CWR trains for welded rail; and specially equipped gondolas for panelized turnouts. Our equipment is available to serve your every need. With our railroad car fleets, we can transfer any goods needed.

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