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A&K has fixed and portable rail welding plants to provide service within tight work schedules. Our portable plant can be set up to meet the smallest welding project of just a few strings or set up for high-production welding. Our CWR team can weld directly on your job site, providing and mobilizing all manpower and equipment to facilitate your project, ensuring the job is done exactly right and on time.

We have an entire CWR services group that can fulfill your every need regarding continuous welded rail. Our crew can deliver CWR by railcar utilizing our 6 CWR trains, weld relay rail, or weld new rail onsite. Our in-house logistics team accelerates the movements of the rail trains, so you get your CWR on time! Our crew can unload the CWR or place it in stockpiles for future use. A&Ks complete CWR services group includes welding plants, rail pick-up, rail trains, and locomotive power to provide efficient, on-time service. 

A&K mobilizes a complete portable plant for larger projects, using a 50-pocket rail train for high production and reduced rail train transportation time.  We use our mini-train for mid-sized jobs, where specialized CWR rail carts are utilized for the transportation and layout of CWR strings. At A&K, we offer comprehensive, portable service along with cost-effective, high-quality welds. All applications can be used for new construction or CWR change-out projects. Utilizing our versatility and expertise, we can maximize efficiency and reduce your costs.


Continuous Welded Rail (CWR) refers to the process in which rail is joined to form track, often welded into Quarter Mile Lengths, then joined to form one uninterrupted rail that can reach several miles long. The advantage of CWR is a quiet, smooth ride that requires less maintenance and can be traveled at higher speeds compared to jointed track. Additionally, CWR prevents excessive wear found in jointed rail and, as a result, lasts longer. Although CWR is typically one continuous rail, it can also contain joints to allow “breathing” room for the rail to expand due to high temperature, depending on location. Considering CWR regulations are constantly growing, A&K continues to utilize our AAR/ISO Certified to meet CWR standards.

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